Ezra Koenig at Cirque Royal in Brussels (Photo by frf_kmeron on Flickr)


Ezra Koenig at Cirque Royal in Brussels (Photo by frf_kmeron on Flickr)

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[texts back three years later] haha not much what about you

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The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.
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to catch a bus you have to think like a bus

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I love Drew leslieknopepantsuit so i mean like whatever

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2 more hours before i turn 20 wooo


i dyed my hair dark brown

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I can’t believe how much I’ve changed in the last couple of months. Living with my parents for seventeen years made me a really passive person, as per se. I remember having more than enough time to think about myself, my life as it was, my positive and negative traits. I was able to analyze each and every one of my decisions until I was completely sure I had done the right thing. I had so much time that if it occurred that I decided I hadn’t done the right thing, my mind would torture me enough until I stopped doing it. My mind doesn’t have enough time for that.

It makes me a little sad thinking of that. Ever since I moved, I’ve had the ability to see my friends whenever I want, something that I wouldn’t be able to do back at home. Living on campus, on such a social environment is really different. It’s good, because it’s something I needed. I needed to get out of where I lived. Live in a new, youthful environment. But I need to find more time for myself. I get so carried away with all the different activities. I say to myself, “It’s only lunch with my buddies”, and ends up being playing NHL11 for the Xbox or doing something else until 4 A.M..I need to know when to split.

Having enough time for yourself is important, and it’s now that I’m realizing that. I need to be able to watch more movies by myself. To read more. To spend more time playing guitar, or writing songs, or just sleeping and resting.

My will power to do things I have to do has dropped considerably. I need to know, now and always, that I need time and space for myself. I need to be a better person.

Dang. 17 year old me was deep. I think it’s cool that I can take advice from 2 year younger me.

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the day i fell in love @


is there anybody out there who is up?

Good (?)


Every once in a while my mind will drift and think about the world and think about happy things and it will get me depressed.

Today I heard an ice cream truck driving through the street in front of where I live.

I asked myself, are there people out there who still do good things for the good itself? Or are there any other motives to their actions? Are there people out there who still make ice cream and drive ice cream trucks to make kids happy, instead of doing so only for money?

This world needs less materialism and more simple things. It needs good. It NEEDS it. And that saddens me.

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